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Cloud Infrastructure Optimization and Digital Transformation

Digital transformation of a leading content monetization company.

Client Brief

Our client, a leading content monetization company, decided to migrate from on-premise to cloud infrastructure to gain a competitive edge through digital transformation and DevOps enablement. They completed the migration to GCP internally and began provisioning new infrastructure, but lacked the expertise to manage their cloud infrastructure effectively.

Business Challenge

They were facing a number of challenges with their cloud infrastructure, due to a lack of internal expertise. As a result, their infrastructure was not following best practices, leading to the following problems:

  • Slow time to roll out new infrastructure and services: Due to inconsistent naming conventions, differently configured resources, and a lack of infrastructure as code, it took the client a long time to deploy new infrastructure and services. This reduced their profits and delayed their time to market.
  • Difficulty onboarding new engineers: The client's infrastructure was complex and difficult to understand, making it difficult to onboard new engineers and delaying their productivity.
  • Difficulty maintaining existing infrastructure: The client's infrastructure was complex and difficult to manage, leading to frequent outages and performance issues. This increased operational costs and disrupted business operations and processes.

Our goal was to improve the client's cloud infrastructure, streamline the deployment process, and implement best practices. This would help the client to reduce costs, improve speed to market improve the speed of delivering their services and software to the market, and scale the business more easily.

Our Approach

The client had multiple projects within the company, so we decided to start by choosing a single project to use as a minimum viable product (MVP) for the client. This would allow us to create a foundation of best practices that could be translated into other projects.

For technologies, we used the ones the client was already familiar with, but we also introduced some new concepts and technologies where appropriate.

For example, we introduced the concept of infrastructure as code and helped the client implement it on their MVP project. This allowed the client to automate the deployment and management of their infrastructure, which saved them time and money.

Overall, our goal was to improve the client's cloud infrastructure in a way that was both effective and efficient. We did this by focusing on the most important areas and using technologies that were aligned with the client's needs.

The Business Outcome

The client now enjoys a resilient and easily maintainable infrastructure with significant cost savings. They chose to onboard an internal engineer who seamlessly integrated into the system within a week. This engineer not only manages the MVP project infrastructure but also initiates migrations of other projects onto the robust foundation we established.

The client is now in a position to rapidly and efficiently roll out new infrastructure and services and to easily scale their infrastructure as needed. This has helped them to reduce costs, improve the speed of delivering their services and software to the market, and scale their business more easily.

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