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Business Outcomes with DevOps and Infrastructure Services

Respond to market
demands quickly
  • Faster deployment frequency

  • Shorter iteration cycle

Streamline your
IT Operations
  • Define ownership and increase responsibility

  • Reduce employee turnover rate

Increased Revenue
  • Improve the availability of your services

  • Improving the whole posture of your architecture and systems

  • Quickly onboard new customers

operational costs
  • Reduce the time it takes to bring products to market

  • Reduced operational costs by introducing automation of manual operational work

  • Significantly lower maintenance and upgrade costs

973x more software updates – in just one year

3x lower error rate generated by a software update

6570x faster live software update from the moment a developer saves new code

6570x faster recovery time to a functional software after an application update downtime

What We Do

At Opstergo, our top experts deliver comprehensive, tailor-made DevOps and Infrastructure solutions across all major platforms, ensuring proficiency and customization for every possible scenario.

Some of the consulting services we provide are:

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CI/CD integrates code changes more frequently and automates the deployment process. It enables developers to frequently merge code changes into a central repository, where builds and tests are run.

Business Value: Increased revenue and faster time to market is achieved by accelerating the software development lifecycle, enhancing product quality through automated testing, and reducing the risks associated with deployment.

Technologies: GitHub Actions, Azure DevOps, Jenkins, GitLab CI/CD, CircleCI, Travis CI, and much more.

Service mesh
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Dedicated infrastructure layer for managing and controlling service-to-service communication within a microservices architecture. In a microservices environment, applications are broken down into smaller, independent services that can be developed, deployed, and scaled individually. As the number of these services grows, managing communication, security, and monitoring between them becomes more complex. That’s where a Service Mesh comes in.

Business Value: It provides enhanced security, observability, and traffic management capabilities without changing the microservices code. This results in improved service communication reliability, better fault isolation, and easier management of complex applications.

Technologies: Istio, Linkerd, Consul, and much more.

IaC (infrastructure as code)
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IaaC (infrastructure as a code) provides consistent and repeatable routines for provisioning and tearing down cloud infrastructure, reducing the potential for human error and speeding up the entire process. It's critical for efficient cloud environment management and scaling.

Business Value: Remove human error which results in risk mitigation and cost savings.

Technologies: Terraform, Crossplane, Pulumi, CloudFormation, Azure Bicep, and much more.

Configuration management
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Configuration management involves keeping computers, servers, and software in a desired, consistent state. It’s a way to make sure that a system performs as it’s expected to as changes are made over time.

Business Value: It enables automated system and software configuration, simplifying maintenance and enhancing compliance and security. This leads to reduced downtime and increases productivity in managing large-scale systems and complex environments.

Technologies: Ansible, Chef, Puppet, SaltStack, and much more.

logging, monitoring and alerting
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This service encompasses the collection, analysis, and monitoring of computer-generated logs, proactive system monitoring, and real-time alerting of critical issues.

Business Value: It provides insights into application performance and security incidents, enabling businesses to respond quickly to issues, ensure system health, and make informed decisions based on real-time data.

Technologies: ELK Stack, Prometheus and Grafana, Splunk, and much more.

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GitOps is a way to do Kubernetes and cloud infrastructure management and application delivery. It works by using Git as a single source of truth for declarative infrastructure and applications. What you see in Git is what is reflected in your Kubernetes and cloud infrastructure

Business Value: With GitOps, you get an easy-to-use, efficient approach to managing deployments and infrastructure, leading to faster recovery times, enhanced productivity, and better visibility into changes and version control.

Technologies: ArgoCD, Flux, and much more.

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Containerization involves encapsulating an application and its dependencies into a container that can run on any computing environment. This approach ensures consistency across multiple development, testing, and production environments.

Business Value: Containerization offers a lightweight alternative to full machine virtualization, enhancing portability and efficiency. It aids in consistent operations, streamlines the CI/CD process, and reduces compatibility issues, leading to faster deployment and scalability.

Technologies: Docker, Podman, Containerd, and much more.

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Orchestration in the context of DevOps usually refers to the automated management of containers. It helps in deploying, managing, scaling, and networking containers automatically.

Business Value: Orchestration simplifies the management of complex containerized applications, ensuring they run efficiently and reliably. It aids in resource optimization, maintains application availability, and allows for seamless scalability, thus supporting large-scale systems and complex deployments efficiently.

Technologies: Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, cloud managed functions solutions, cloud managed serverless solutions, and much more.

How We Do

call 1 – Getting to Know You

We meet and introduce ourselves.
We'll understand your specific needs better.

Post Call 1 Actions

We send you a custom form to gather detailed information.We prepare a detailed project estimate, breaking down tasks and the time needed for each.

Project Completion

We provide detailed documentation, so you can manage everything on your own.

Prefer ongoing support?

We offer affordable maintenance services to ensure your continuous success.

Project Execution

Opstergo will implement the solution step by step, with regular check-ins, progress reports, and ongoing discussions to keep things on track.

CALL 2 – Setting the Plan

We discuss and finalize the project estimates and recommendations.

Why Us?

Focused Expertise in DevOps & Infrastructure, Cloud, and Security.

Our company exclusively specializes in Cloud, DevOps & Infrastructure, and Security services, distinguishing us from other IT companies with broader focuses. This specialized approach guarantees deep, refined expertise in these critical areas. As specialists, we offer unparalleled service quality, focusing our skills and knowledge in these specific domains.

Cutting-Edge Tools

We leverage industry-leading tools and technologies to ensure optimal results.

Flexible Engagement Models

Instead of working on unwanted rigid and strict parameters, we offer flexibility to our clients to select from different engagement and hiring models.

Continuous Support

Our services include comprehensive documentation, empowering you to manage everything independently. We also offer affordable, ongoing support to ensure your continued success.

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