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Personalized Solutions for Complex Security Audits and Compliance Challenges – For Any Use Case.


Business Outcomes Using Security & Compliance Services

We combine our engineering prowess with deep industry knowledge to deliver comprehensive Security Audit and Compliance Services. Our goal is to ensure your organization exceeds the required security standards and compliance regulations.

This will help you:

Break into new markets
Build better trust
with your customers
Demonstrate responsibility
and ownership to your stakeholders

Some of the Consulting Services We Provide:

Let us help you navigate the complexities of security and compliance with confidence and ease.

Comprehensive security audits
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Our team conducts thorough security audits across your entire infrastructure. We assess your existing security infrastructure, policies, and procedures against industry best practices and compliance standards.

Business Outcome: Identifies and addresses potential vulnerabilities, ensuring robust security and compliance posture. Enhances stakeholder confidence by demonstrating a proactive approach to security.

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We specialize in aligning your security measures with specific compliance requirements such as ISO standards, SOC2 type 2 reports, GDPR, and HIPAA. Our experts devise strategic plans for maintaining continuous compliance.

Business Outcome: Achieving compliance will help you to break into new markets and establish new partnerships. Additionally, it will demonstrate responsibility and ownership to your stakeholders.

Policy Review and Development
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Review and development of security policies to ensure they are in strict compliance with the latest regulations and best practices. We assist in refining optimal procedures and controls for security and compliance.

Business Outcome: Solidifies your security framework with up-to-date policies, minimizing gaps in compliance and security protocols.

How We Do

Here is a high-level roadmap for a compliance project that covers the most common compliances and reports our clients are targeting.

The roadmap can be adapted to your specific context. In this roadmap we would be with you at every stage, helping you lead the initiative.

Once we get to stage 10, you will be capable of maintaining your standards and processes.


Define Scope: Determine the scope of compliance (which parts of the organization, systems, data).

Assign Team: Form a compliance team with representatives from IT, security, legal, and business units.

Stakeholder Engagement: Communicate with stakeholders to ensure understanding and support.

Gap analysis

Current State Assessment: Evaluate current security and compliance postures.

Identify Gaps: Pinpoint areas where current practices do not meet target compliance standards.

Risk Assessment: Perform a risk assessment to prioritize gaps based on potential impact.


Develop Compliance Plan: Outline steps to achieve compliance, including policy updates, process changes, and technology implementations.

Resource Allocation: Assign responsibilities and allocate necessary resources (budget, personnel).


Policy and Process Updates: Revise or create policies and procedures to align with standards.

Training and Awareness: Educate employees about new policies, processes, and their roles in compliance.

Technology Solutions: Implement or upgrade technology solutions (e.g., security tools, and monitoring systems).


Compliance Documentation: Prepare documentation required for target compliance (policies, procedures, risk assessments, etc.).

Evidence Collection: Collect and organize evidence of compliance for audits.

Internal audit

Conduct Internal Audit: Perform a thorough internal audit to assess compliance with both standards.

Address Findings: Remediate any identified issues or gaps.

External audit preparation

Select Auditors: Choose qualified auditors for target compliance.

Pre-Audit Review: Conduct a final review of compliance status and readiness.

External audit

Undergo Audits: Cooperate with external auditors for target compliance.

Address Audit Findings: Remediate any findings from the external audits.

Certification and reporting

Obtain Certifications: Receive certificate or report for target compliance.

Report to Stakeholders: Communicate the results and certifications to stakeholders.

Continuous improvement

Monitor Compliance: Regularly monitor compliance with both standards.

Update as Needed: Make necessary updates in response to changes in standards, business processes, or technology.

1. assess and plan

Evaluate needs, choose a strategy, and anticipate costs.

1. assess and plan

Evaluate needs, choose a strategy, and anticipate costs.

1. assess and plan

Evaluate needs, choose a strategy, and anticipate costs.

1. assess and plan

Evaluate needs, choose a strategy, and anticipate costs.

1. assess and plan

Evaluate needs, choose a strategy, and anticipate costs.

1. assess and plan

Evaluate needs, choose a strategy, and anticipate costs.

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