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Personalized Solutions for Complex Infrastructure Security Challenges – For Any Use Case.


We Have Security Experts That Can Support You in a Variety of Security Initiatives. Our Clients Primarily Use Our Expertise in the Following Areas:

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CIEM (Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management) - we ensure that access rights within your cloud infrastructure are securely managed. Implementing processes for control of entitlements and permissions often introduces friction in the development process and slows it down. We can help you mitigate that friction.

Business Outcome: Reduces the chance of internal and external data breaches, safeguarding your company's reputation and customer trust.

CIEM Technologies for AWS, Azure, GCP: SailPoing, CyberArk, Microsoft Entra, and much more.

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SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) - we understand how important it is to have a structure that will support quick response to security threats. We will help you implement real-time security monitoring and incident response tool that is suited to your specific needs.

Business Outcome: Quick detection and handling of cyber threats, minimizing operational disruptions and financial losses due to security incidents. Accelerates compliance process.SEIM Technologies for Managed Clouds: AWS Security Hub, Google Security Command Center, Microsoft Sentinel, Splunk, Elastic.

SEIM Technologies for Managed Clouds: AWS Security Hub, Google Security Command Center, Microsoft Sentinel, Splunk, Elastic, and much more.

Static & Dynamic Code Analysis
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Static and Dynamic code analysis - prevent your code from going into production with security issues. We offer static and dynamic code analysis services specifically designed for cloud-native applications. This includes identifying vulnerabilities in both pre-deployment code and running applications, ensuring your cloud-hosted applications maintain robust security.

Business Outcome: Ensures your software and applications are secure and reliable, reducing the risk of costly downtime and maintaining customer trust.

Tools for Static and Dynamic Code Analysis in Cloud: SonarQube, Trivy, Veracode, Sentry, and much more.

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Vulnerability scanning - identifying potential security weaknesses within your infrastructure is key to preventing any hacking attempts. With vulnerability scanning, we will help you to proactively address vulnerabilities and fortify your environment against threats.

Business Outcome: Identifies and fixes security gaps before they can be exploited, protecting against potential financial and reputational damage.

Vulnerability Scanning Tools for Cloud Platforms: AWS Inspector, Azure Security Center, Google Cloud Security Scanner, and much more

Security audits conducted by our experts
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Security audits conducted by our experts - Conducting comprehensive security audits, our team assesses your security posture. We provide insights and recommendations specific to your use case, helping you achieve a secure and compliant environment

Business Outcome: Provides insights to strengthen security measures, helping to avoid legal penalties and enhance market confidence in your business.

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Project Execution

Opstergo will implement the solution step by step, with regular check-ins, progress reports, and ongoing discussions to keep things on track.

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We discuss and finalize the project estimates and recommendations.

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