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Some of the Consulting Services We Provide are:

Cloud Onboarding
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Our Cloud Onboarding service is designed to guide businesses through the initial stages of adopting cloud technology. We provide comprehensive support, from selecting the right cloud platform to configuring your cloud environment. Our team ensures a smooth transition, without affecting your existing operations and setting a strong foundation for your cloud journey.

Cloud security
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Ensuring the effectiveness of security and privacy practices in the cloud is a critical responsibility. Our experts will conduct detailed security assessments, providing detailed reports of findings and recommendations about your cloud infrastructure.

Cost optimization
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Navigate the complexities of cloud expenses with our Cost Optimization service. We analyze your cloud usage and identify opportunities for cost savings without compromising performance. Our strategies include rightsizing resources, identifying underutilized assets, and applying best practices for efficient cloud management, ensuring you get the most out of your cloud investment.

Cloud hardening
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Our Cloud Hardening service focuses on leveling up your cloud environment. We optimize and strengthen your cloud infrastructure for high availability, scalability, and resilience. Additionally, we deploy observability tools that will provide you with deep insights into system performance, allowing for real-time monitoring and proactive issue resolution. From stress testing to performance tuning and continuous monitoring, we ensure your cloud infrastructure is robust, reliable, and fully equipped to handle real-world operational demands.

Multi cloud enablement
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Unlock the full potential of your digital infrastructure with our Multi-Cloud Enablement service. By adopting a multi-cloud strategy, you are able to easily combine and optimize workloads across various platforms, ensuring your business remains agile, secure, and future-proof. Avoid vendor lock-in and optimize costs by utilizing the full range of cloud providers

Technologies We Use

Google Cloud
Amazon AWS Cloud
Microsoft Azure
Digital Ocean
Digital Ocean
Oracle Cloud

How We Do

call 1 – Getting to Know You

We meet and introduce ourselves.
We'll understand your specific needs better.

Post Call 1 Actions

We send you a custom form to gather detailed information.We prepare a detailed project estimate, breaking down tasks and the time needed for each.

Project Completion

We provide detailed documentation, so you can manage everything on your own.

Prefer ongoing support?

We offer affordable maintenance services to ensure your continuous success.

Project Execution

Opstergo will implement the solution step by step, with regular check-ins, progress reports, and ongoing discussions to keep things on track.

CALL 2 – Setting the Plan

We discuss and finalize the project estimates and recommendations.


when do you need cloud security service?
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Cloud security services are essential when you're managing sensitive data, deploying applications in the cloud, or transitioning to cloud infrastructure. If ISO 27001 or SOC2 Type 2 are important for your business growth, cloud security will help you achieve compliance faster. Security is also particularly vital if your organization must comply with regulations like GDPR or HIPAA.

when do you need cost optimization service?
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Cost optimization services are beneficial when you notice escalating cloud costs, or if you're unsure about the efficiency of your current cloud infrastructure. These services are also useful when you're scaling operations or experiencing changes in usage patterns. If your organization seeks to balance performance with cost efficiency, or if there's a need to align cloud spending with business objectives, cost optimization services can provide valuable insights and solutions.

when do you need cloud hardening service?
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Cloud hardening service is required when you aim to enhance the resilience, scalability, and availability of your cloud infrastructure. It's particularly important during periods of growth, when facing high operational demands, or when seeking to improve system performance and reliability. Our service includes stress testing, performance tuning, and deploying observability tools for proactive issue resolution.

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