Hospitality Chain

Transforming Infrastructure for a Leading Hospitality Chain

Prominent hospitality chain, faced challenges managing their infrastructure and data effectively.

Client Brief

Our client, a prominent hospitality chain, faced challenges managing their infrastructure and data effectively. These challenges resulted in recurring issues, including the loss of critical customer data, system unresponsiveness, and intermittent periods of unavailability for their booking services. In a bid to enhance operational reliability and customer satisfaction, our client engaged our DevOps agency to address and resolve these pressing concerns.

Business Challenge

Our client had traditionally hosted their entire infrastructure on-premises, which served as the root cause of most of their issues. During the initial assessment phase, we determined that transitioning to the cloud was the optimal solution, with Azure emerging as the ideal fit for their specific needs.

The first challenge that required immediate attention was the frequent loss of critical customer data, attributed to system failures, unresponsiveness, or excessive loads.

Additionally, our client faced multiple infrastructure-related challenges due to a lack of internal expertise. These challenges included:

  • Delays in delivering new software features and services
  • Lengthy response times to outages
  • Insufficient monitoring and alerting solutions

Our Approach

We began by addressing the infrastructure issues and the lack of internal expertise, which formed the foundation for all subsequent solutions. We embarked on a mission to design and implement an infrastructure that demanded minimal ongoing maintenance while accommodating our client's full range of infrastructure requirements.

The critical task of migrating all on-premises data to the cloud was a natural next step. To ensure a seamless transition without data loss, we established migration infrastructure, incorporating robust safety checks.

With all cloud-based systems in place, we conducted extensive workshops with our client's engineers. These workshops aimed to upscale their team to the level of expertise required for maintaining their new cloud infrastructure. We outlined learning paths for their engineers to follow post-project, offering continuous support as necessary.

The Business Outcome

Our efforts delivered two fundamental outcomes that significantly benefited our client:

  • Lossless Data Infrastructure: Our solution solved the persistent booking issues, resulting in an increase in customer satisfaction, an improving the overall guest experience.
  • Improved and Resilient Infrastructure: Our redesigned infrastructure not only resolved existing issues but also ensured ease of maintenance and scalability. This transformation led to an increase in employee satisfaction, a crucial factor in retaining operational staff. Consequently, employee turnover rates decreased as well.

These accomplishments also translated into tangible business benefits, such as a quicker rollout of new software features. With the burden of maintaining legacy infrastructure lifted, our client's focus shifted towards innovating and developing new services to drive business growth and competitiveness.

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